about our company

About our company

Our history

Double Dutch was founded in 1979. The company started off making kayaks, a few years later the first paddle was produced. We where the first company that starting producing a-semetric paddles, we didn’t only sell them very successfully all over the world but more important is the fact that many pro riders won an immense amount of medals with these paddles. This was the sign for us to be the best in producing paddles. Since 2010 our focus is fully on making paddles for many different disciplines.



Our staff is dedicated & experienced in their work. Most of our workers love to be out on the water to paddle in their free time. They bring a lot of know-how and added value to our company. We feel fortunate to be a leading and innovating brand for that many years. We’re committed to continue what we do for so long.  Our mission is to make a positive difference by creating a successful environment to share the love of our sport.



We continuously search for new innovative materials and the highest quality materials.  In combination with our innovative production techniques and technology this ensures that our products are of the highest standard on the market.